• Carbofresh Pro-Inox

    Ideal Dosage of CO2 in Wine

    Improve the quality of your white and rose wines through the one-of-its-kind bonding of carbon dioxide. Or, you can use it to remove the excess and disruptive CO2 from red wine. Carbofresh Pro-Inox is made completely of stainless steel.

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  • LCS 710 P

    Exact carbonation in individual drums

    Production of tasting samples with a varying content of CO2, in the shortest possible time. The optimal taste profile is finally defined through the various senses.

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  • Carbolac

    Optimisation of cheese production through exact CO2 dosing

    The addition of carbon dioxide offers various advantages in the processing of milk and whey.

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  • Carborain

    Refrigerated irrigation even with hard water

    Prevent calcium deposits on fruit and leaves while irrigating plants and avoid loss in yields due to sunburn on fruit.

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Technica – Specialist in gas dosing

We have achieved success in many markets with our special gas dosing devices