Simple and quick production of drinks containing CO2

Produce drinks that contain CO2 with a content of up to 11 g/l on a commercial scale. Carbofresh deluxe is optimally suited for the manufacture of sparkling wines, table waters, and mixed drinks such as apple spritzer and cider.

Carbofresh deluxe

The time-tested Carbofresh technology, which is already used in over 3000 wineries, allows CO2 dosing of up to 11 g/l in an in-line procedure when used with downstream stainless steel mixers

Carbofresh deluxe is perfectly suited to the production of:

  • sparkling wine
  • sparkling water
  • mixed drinks
  • sparkling apple juice / apple wine

Advantages of Carbofresh deluxe technology

  • low investment costs compared with carbonation systems
  • consistently high dosing precision
  • flow rate-proportional control
  • reliable in-line cleaning
  • easy to use with automatic turn-on and shut-off
  • can also be used directly when filling or sampling
  • no electrical connections
  • device and mixer are specially designed for customer needs

Technical data

  • flow rate capacity (dependent upon injector size) – 1.000 – 10.000 l/h
  • CO2 dosing infinitely adjustable (dependent upon temperature and pressure) – 0 – 11 g/l
  • required pump pressure – at least 5 bar for maximum output
  • maximum operating pressure – 10bar
  • CO2 supply pressure
  • device dimensions (H x B x D) – 150 x 295 x 100 (mm)
  • mixer dimensions / mixer diameter x L x 80 x 210 (mm)