Ideal Dosage of CO2 in Wine

Improve the quality of your white and rose wines through the one-of-its-kind bonding of carbon dioxide. Or, you can use it to remove the excess and disruptive CO2 from red wine.


Quality improvement in white an rosé wines

The unique incorporation of fine carbon dioxide bubbles lends freshness and lightness to the flavour and body of your wines. Even with dense and voluminous wines, it imparts aromas. The subtle carbon dioxide bubbles make white and rosé wines fresher, livelier and aromatic.
Carbofresh accentuates the bouquet and emphasizes the quality of your wines.


Example of a plant configuration

Additional use for red wines

Excess and disturbing CO2 can be removed from red wines. Instead of charging with carbon dioxide, plain nitrogen is used. The Carbofresh processor makes it easy to significantly reduce the CO2 content. The wine is simply passed through the Carbofresh processor and conveyed unpressurized into the tank.

The main advantages of the Carbofresh technology

  • Dosage is shut on and off automatically with the switching of the pump
  • No electrical connections required (purely mechanical controls)
  • Proportional gas metering (dosage adapts automatically to the flow of wine)
  • Can be installed at bottling station or in front of filter
  • Exact an reproducible dosage
  • Highly efficient equals lower CO2 consumption
  • Compact structure, therefore adaptable to on-site requirements
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Also available in stainless steel model upon request

We would be pleased to advice you can on the use of our Carbofresh technology for the exact dosage of CO2 in the creation of fizzy wines. Our Carbofresh deluxe devices are the perfect solution which allow fast and easy carbonation.

Models / technical details

Processor modelStandardST to 12,5m³/hST to 30m³/h
max. CO2 dosage (g/l)1,81,81,8
max. flow performance (l/h)(s. injector table)2.00012.50030.000
Dimensions (L x H x D) (cm)30 x 14 x 1030 x 16 x 1030 x 16 x 10
Pressure loss at min./max. performance (bar)0,7 / 2,00,7 / 2,00,7 / 2,0
max. CO2 pressure (bar)777
max. pressure (bar)666
Weight (kg)5,57,18,5

Required connections can be indicated at time of order (e.g. DN25, DN32, DN40, BSM, Clamp, Tri Clover,…)