Simple and secure removal of samples from drums

The Sampler is meant for secure, loss-free and pressure-maintaining sample removal from bottles and cans e.g. for gas analysis.


The Steinfurth Sampler pierces and pressurizes PET and glass bottles and cans. Piercing is performed pneumatically, so there is no need for great manual forces. The Steinfurth Sampler is suitable for gas analyses (e.g. oxygen, CO2…) and foam stability measurements.


  • Automatic piercing system
  • Safety cabinet
  • Easy operation
  • Rugged design
  • Adjustable piercing force
  • Adjustable pressure


Place the bottle or can on the pressure plate. Adjust the yoke, if not already done, and close the cabinet door. Then switch on the piercing mechanism – the bottle is lifted against the yoke and the bottle closure will be pierced. Lower the standpipe into the bottle and switch on the pressure.

Technical Data

Pressure range 0 – 6 bar / 0 – 87 psi
Max. Bottle diameter 120 mm
Max. Bottle height 340 mm