Natural hair care with carbonated water for full, healthy hair

The soothing and biological CarboHair rinse gives your hair a satiny shine and significantly more volume. At the same time, Carbohair protects and takes care of your hair.


Perfect hair and skin care in the hairdresser’s salon

Beautiful and healthy hair needs effective care. Up to now the high pH value of the tap water of about pH 8.0 prevented the perfect effect of all hair care products.
A successful solution is the reduction of the pH value. And this is exactly what each hairdresser now can achieve with Carbohair. With only one movement of the hand he or she can lower the pH value to pH 5,5 with the natural strength of pure source carbonic acid.
That is optimal for hair and skin.

Benefits of CarboHair

  • hair is easier to comb and has much more shine
  • brilliant colours thanks to pigment sealing
  • more volume, stability and strength
  • reduces itching
  • promotes circulation in the scalp
  • prevents feelings of tightness and tension on the scalp
  • builds up your natural acidic protective layer
  • perfect support for conditioners