Natural showers with carbonated water for skin maladies

A shower with the soothing and biological CarboMed protects and nourishes your skin and also gives your hair a satiny shine and significantly more volume.


Unprotected dry skin after showering

Your skin is almost completely unprotected from environmental factors after showering because the natural acidic protective layer of your skin is washed away.
The consequences are often dry skin, itching, and tension.

Take healthy showers with natural carbonic acid

Shower with CarboMed and enjoy!

You can now enjoy the healing power of carbonic acid, known for decades in therapeutic baths and spas, in the comfort of your own home when showering.

Nothing is more natural in skin care than pure carbonic acid, as it is an important component of your skin’s acidic protective layer. Your skin obtains this effective ingredient, which it produces on its own, while you shower. CarboMed wellness, the carbonic acid shower, stabilises the optimal pH value of the skin at about pH 5.5 and can neutralise alkaline soaps and shower gels.
Your skin will become silky and smooth with the skin-friendly pH value.

CarboMed wellness for your health

  • offers immediate protection with an optimal pH value of about pH 5,5
  • accelerates regeneration of the damaged subcorneous barrier
  • accelerates regeneration of the damaged subcorneous barrier
  • reduces itching
  • helps prevent eczema
  • has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect

CarboMed wellness can do even more

CarboMed wellness not only provides optimal skin care, CarboMed therapeutic washing is also great for your hair.
You can now enjoy at home what is standard for many star hairstylists.
With CarboMed wellness, your hair naturally:

  • has a silky sheen
  • is easy to comb
  • is stronger and more robust
  • has noticeably more volume
  • gets perfect support for conditioners
  • obtains brilliant hues when coloured

CarboMed wellness application

The practical application of the CarboMed system is extremely simple. Treatment can be activated at any time after inserting the CarboMed capsule.
Shower and wash as before, and at the end pull the start button on the device to begin the CarboMed treatment. The correct amount of carbonic acid will be automatically added until the water is turned off again.
One CarboMed capsule contains enough for two to three showers.