lnline gas dosage for beer, cider, water, wine up to 6g/I

Fast and exact realization of up to 6 g/l CO2 in the beverage in a single flow.

Carbofresh Pro-Inox-Plus

The economical alternative to carbonation systems

Especially in the production of medium-sized and small beverage batches, carbonation systems constitute a critical cost factor. The Carbofresh®-Pro-Inox-Plus device with its attractive price/performance ratio provides the perfect solution to this. With the Carbofresh®-Pro-Inox-Plus, CO2 values in the beverage of up to 6 g/I can be achieved quickly and reliably in a single flow cycle (depending on the pressure and temperature). This way, beer, cider and wine can be very easily adjusted to the desired CO2 value.

Functional description

With the three-stage Carbofresh injector technology, the added CO2 is dissipated as fine bubbles, permitting it to dissolve neatly and reliably into the beverage. The device and the down-stream mixer are custom-designed according to customer specifications. This way, optimal carbonation is achieved. Carbofresh does not require electricity since it is started automatically by the flow of the beverage. The desired CO2 dosage can be easily adjusted and set by means of the diagram on the device.

Typical installations (left: In circulating mode / right: For tank-to-tank transfer

Special features and advantages of the Carbofresh – technology

  • Low investment costs
  • Three-stage inline carbonation up to 6 g CO2/ Liter
  • Consistently high dosing precision
  • Especially sophisticated bonding of the CO2 by means of special injector technology
  • Fully automatic starting and stopping of the gas dosage whenever the pump switches on or off
  • Very easy to operate
  • No electrical connections needed
  • Device custom designed according to customer specifications
  • Extremely small and compact (60 x 20 x 16 cm), therefore can be carried anywhere

Technical data:

Carbofresh Pro-Inox-Plus
Flow rate capacity (depends on the injector size)700 – 12.500 l/h
CO2-dosing infinitely adjustable (depends on temperature and pressure)0 – 6 g/l
max. operating pressure10 bar
CO2 supply pressure10 bar
pressure loss at max. output incl. mixer2,5 to 3 bar
minimum flow rateapprox. 2/3 from nominal flow
Device dimensions60 x 20 x 16 cm
Weight18 kg
Product connections (e.g. DN 40, Tri Clamp, Garolla…)as required