Fast, safe, and bloodless removal of age spots and warts

Benign changes to the skin are treated effectively and almost pain-free through the use of dry ice.


The dry ice cryotherapy with CarboMed-dermal is a simple and effective method for the treatment of benign skin lesions.
The treatment spectrum is very extensive and reaches from the removal of bothersome senile pigmentations to the removal of virus warts.

The CarboMed produces a solid stick of dry ice with constant -78°C. The dry ice is available in the specific CarboMed-capsules everywhere and any time.
The treatment length with dry ice is dependent on the type and size of the skin lesions, about between 1 second at the senile pigmentations up to 20 seconds at bigger warts.
A subepidermal blistering, under which the warts heal in between 4-8 days under an incrustation,is desired.


Left : Age spots one day after treatment (treatment duration 1 second each) Right : Age spots 3 weeks after therapy (complete, scar-free post-pigmentation occurs)

All advantages of CarboMed-dermal:

  • fast, successful and bloodless removal of warts, senile pigmentation etc. at only one treatment!
  • nearly painless treatment, because coldness has an anesthetizing effect
  • good earning facilities
  • unproblematic and safe handling of the device
  • dry ice does not stick on the skin
  • constant -78°C, hence good to reproduce
  • within one minute dry ice is available

Scope of delivery

  • 1 CarboMed-dermal-device in the suitcase with accessories
  • 70 CarboMed-capsules (packing unit)
  • 1 CarboMed-manuel with detailed basic treatments
  • 1 CarboMed-disinfectant